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Bar risers on my 2020 NC 750x DCT


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Oct 13, 2021
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Just a follow up to installing my cheapo Amazon bar risers this afternoon. I can definitely tell that my shoulders and arms are less stretched out, the position is much more inviting to my upper spine and neck. I have noticed that my seating position has changed as well (as I predicted) and I am not sure if it's for the better. I raised my seat with a 3D printed plastic piece a few months back and found it was incrementally better. With the addition of the bar risers, I think I need to remove the plastic piece to see if it helps at all. I seem to have the typical groin discomfort from sitting too far forward and not on my butt. My plan is to send the seat for an upgrade over the long New England winter, if I think it will be worth it. I am not sure if I have ever owned a bike that is this uncomfortable and needs to have so many aftermarket adjustments made. Or, am I becoming a whiny old man? I would love to hear from anyone else with some input.
Ergonomics are different for everyone. I have a '21 NC which has some changes compared to your '20 model. Stock seats are known for being uncomfortable and built on a price point. After the 45 miniute ride home from the dealer after trading for my NC, I seriously considered returning it.

I sent my seat to Laam Custom Seats and it totally changd the motorcycle for me. I have since added some cheap risers for fine tuning my upper body comfort. Now, it is one of the most comfortable motorcycles I have owned.

If you go the custom seat route, I suggest you put a lot of thought into what you don't like about the seat and what ideas you have for improvement. You have already taken the first step by raising the front of the seat. I recommend you think about height, width, seat pocket location, etc. These are all inputs for the person trying to make you the best seat they can. Experiment with these ideas where possible to verify and quantify the change needed. I requested the following:
- add 1" to the height
- raise front of seat to prevent sliding forward
- move seat pocket to the rear of the seat
- add width to the seat pocket

These changes worked very well for me. They may not work for others.
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Ergonomics are definitely different for everyone. I would probably benefit from some bar risers, but I can ride the stock seat for hours no problem. Honestly I have a 45 minute commute every day and I don’t even notice it anymore
Many people fuss with the NCX ergonomics. For me, about 5’ 7” or 8”tall, the bike is long and the bars too far away. The pegs are a bit too rearward. The stock seat slopes forward.

I have 3.2 inches of bar rise and I’m satisfied with my seventh seat. Yes, it’s takes some time and effort but I hope you’ll be able to get a good fit for you on your NC.
I'm 6'02". I thought the stock seat was okay, until I got my Seat Concepts. Commuting to/from work, it isn't a big difference, but on long rides it's so much better. The seat counter-acts the forward slope, but in the process makes the sitting hight a bit taller. Fine for my 34" inseam; I can still easily flat-foot the bike on both sides.

I recently added 20 mm of bar riser. This one is straight up, not forward. I felt that the reach was good, but that I was regularly hunching over to get my body in a good position. With the slightly higher bars, it is night and day. I find myself sitting up straight, avoiding lower back pain, and my arms stay at a comfortable angle.