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Battery replacement

Phil in Boulder

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Mar 28, 2018
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Looking for best value / quality trade off for new battery 2013 NC700x.
Please respond of you have information or experience wit this.
Phil in /Boulder
Hey Phil, i just recently replaced mine with a new GEL battery from online. I double checked the Ad to make sure it was the correct year/make/model etc and click send it! It arrived and clearly said that it was for the NC700 and showed a small diagram of the measurements. However, when i removed the old one and set it next to the new one i quickly noticed that it was about 5/8" too tall. I measured my old one and contacted the company i had purchased it from online. They assured me it was properly measured/marked and they in fact had sent me the correct one. I confirmed their part number and the battery was boxed and marketed to be the right replacement but it does not fit the small opening for the battery to sit properly nestled into it's little spot.