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Briar Bauman Leads With Another Win at 2021 American Flat Track


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Nov 11, 2011
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A Full Podium for Indian Motorcycle Racing!​

This weekend saw huge wins at the SuperTwins Main for Indian Motorcycle Racing (IMR).

Briar Bauman, the reigning SuperTwins Champion, took his third win for the 2021 American Flat Track season.

The victory marks the seventh consecutive win after the Lima Half-Mile victory for Bauman, given that he only missed one box – the season opener at Volusia.

A view of Indian Motorcycle Racing SuperTwins Champion and Wrecking Crew member, Briar Bauman, with a motorcycle

Wrecking Crew member and SuperTwins Main Champion, Briar Bauman.

Gary Gray, Vice President Racing, Service & Technology, says, “this was a big win for Briar, as he again reminded us all why he’s the two-time defending champion.”

“After Mees edged him out in the Semi, Briar came into the Main knowing he had some ground to make up. His determination and precision on the high line truly exemplified his racing prowess.”

Alongside Bauman rode Indian Motorcycle privateer Brandon Price and Wrecking Crew rider Jared Mees.

A view of Wrecking Crew rider Jared Mees racing in the 2021 AFT season

Jared Mees at the 2021 AFT season.

His teammates flushed out the remainder of the podium, with all three gents taking first, second, and third places for Indian Motorcycle Racing.

The SuperTwins Main saw Bauman and Price scrapping out a very close game of cat and mouse.

With Bauman having found a line in the track that gave him an advantage, the young racer pushed to the front of the pack, passing Price in the last two laps and scoring a total of 164 points.

Brandon Prices, flanked by a fast-approaching Bauman and Mees

Brandon Prices, flanked by a fast-approaching Bauman on the left.

Bauman currently sits at the top of the scoreboard with a very pretty 45-point lead over Price’s 119. Indian Motorcycle privateer Brandon Robinson sits in second with 139 points, while Mees is in third with 133.

Both Robinson and Mees gave a great show during the season opener in Volusia, in which they also popped out back-to-back wins for IMR.

a series of racer battling it out for the win at the 2021 AFT season

With 8 races left, the 2021 American Flat Track season will continue for August 13-14 in Weedsport, NY. The event will be held for the Mission Foods New York Short Track, presented by Mad Max Indian Motorcycles.

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