Bruudt winscreen adjusters: HIGHLY UN-RECOMMENDED

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If they only cost $20 I'd still tell anyone that the Bruudt windshield adjusters for the NC700X are HIGHLY UN-RECOMMENDED. Why? It's due to being a PITA to actually get a windscreen installed on them after the easier part of putting the aluminum slider pieces onto the NC700X. I guess this explains why the Bruudt video does not show any of the process save for sliding the already installed windscreen up and down. Big woop.

After struggling for at least an hour and trying many tricks to get and keep the the acorn nuts in back long enough to get a short Allen head bolt into them through a 19" Ermax windscreen and having the tiny nuts repeatedly go sideways so the holes are not facing forward or falling out over and over (usually on the floor instead of into the bike, thankgod), I tired to replicate the job using the stock Honda windscreen. Being clear instead of tinted like the Ermax, with all the work lights I had brought to bear, you could see better where the teensy acorn nuts were and how they had dropped in sideways instead of with the hole facing forward. Then seeing instead of just feeling it still took a lot of cursing and re-do before finally getting things into place.

Results? For my 5'11" at least, when you raise the screen you end up having a bad stream of air coming in underneath, a steam that isn't at an angle that actually gains one any better situation behind the handlebars. So back went the Ermax which was already working great with the $28 Chinese eBay spoiler atop it. I reminded myself not to buy crap to experiment with, when I already have things working optimally. The only mitigating factor is that at least I only got bent over for a USED price, instead of the NEW price...

Note: Using the Honda allen heads you are evidently meant to reuse for put the sliders onto the NC only gives you THREE TURNS per bolt going into Dale's nut plates -- so no real security there! You'd definitely want to go down to the hardware store and get some bolts that would go to the end of the threads or beyond in the Dale's nut plates, unless you are one of the odd ducks that actually likes things falling off easily...