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Can happiness be found with DCT?

Personally, I love Honda's DCT. I never enjoyed a manual transmission in a car, and I don't like them much better on two wheels. Although I know many folks disagree, being able to ride without shifting makes the ride much more fun for me.

Oops, wrong picture and wrong year.

Reset the clock, 2012 to 2015, manual to DCT. I tried it and I liked it.
I knew you would..... Your new ride looks just like Skookum when I brought her home.... Let the farkling begin.
Thanks for this thread, I've really enjoyed reading it. I bought my DCT new in the summer of 2012. I had no trouble getting used to it and, so far, not a single issue. I truly love the bike and think it might be the perfect bike for me. For me, it's strictly a commuter and short-ride fun bike. I have carpal tunnel and occasional cramping in my hands which is why I really wanted the DCT. Even tho I don't think there's much vibration in the bars, it's enough to set off my carpal tunnel after probably 30 minutes of riding. My anti-vibe Rox risers have helped and allow me to ride maybe 45 minutes before I start cramping and losing my grip.

Even so, after 3 years on the bike I still go thru periods of boredom and lust for sexier bikes. Currently, I'm watching Youtubes on the Ducati Scramber and the BMW 800F. I can't help it. So this thread is like therapy to me. I've got the perfect bike. BTW, I'm getting 58/59 mpg on mine, not as good as some others are reporting. Also, I think DCTs are generally safer than manual bikes. They never stall and one less thing to focus on in dangerous traffic.

That Africa Twin with DCT is looking pretty sweet though. Probably my next obsession.

Good luck with your decision.