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Car play screen


Oct 2, 2023
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South Mississippi, United States
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I recently bought a Maxca X6 Wireless Android Auto Apple CarPlay Motorcycle GPS Navigation unit from Alliexpress and pretty happy with it. I use Scenic app on my iPhone and the vibration of one of my bikes (Moto Guzzi Stelvio) destroyed the focus fun of my iPhone. Too late to save that one but I bought this screen to mirror my phone and it’s pretty darn good. Not big on buying from this site, but after cruising the site a bit I realized a lot of items come from that site and are remarketed with a substantial increase in price. I recently had an accident and my InReach was on the bike, my phone was on the bike. Fortunately some people were around and helped me greatly. I vowed to carry my phone in a pocket in my jacket. I still have access to the InReach via the phone and can see navigation and most other features of the phone on a comparatively inexpensive gadget on the handlebars. On some of the “sit there till you get there rides“ I wear noise canceling earbuds and I can control them on this screen as well. I am considering adding this about $150ish screen to some of the other more vibraty bikes in my collection. I see it as a reasonable priced safety gadget if you ride remote locations solo, cheaper than a dedicated GPS with more utility.

As always

I bought this EKIY GPS Navigation Motorcycle IPX7 in December and installed it on my old Honda Silverwing. It works OK, pairs wirelessly with Android Auto and is absolutely acceptable for its price. I haven't got disconnects, only some times the BT doesn't pair on the start with the helmet headset - in this case just turn off - turn on works. I think if you want a cheap display only (mine doesn't have battery, GPS or anything else, just display) you can give it a try :)
if you want a cheap display only
It is an interesting option. At now it costs 63€. The only doubt i have is the battery link (the box along the cable seems bulky). Actually the X6 seems better to me but it costs €100 more, so it could be interesting using a cheap display to test android auto while cycling
I connect mine to the cigarette lightning, not to the battery - I am also a little concerned about this connection :) That's why I prefer the USB power supply.
I hate that I have to deal with these devices from China, you never know if they will work or not, I wish a European company would make one themselves
There are these kind of things in EU, but the prices are... not these. I bought a lot of small things from AliExpress, and to be fair, the things which are more than 50 EUR are very often in acceptable condition and working order. But who knows, maybe I got lucky?...
And you are very likely making this comment with a device made in China
I didn't mean that since it's made in China it's not a valid product. Simply because it is not marketed in Europe by a European company there are fewer guarantees, regarding operation, and regarding refunds or returns. I wasn't being controversial