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The biggest stress I witness is guys who do a hop to avoid using the footpeg, then come down hard on the bike at the end of it. Easy does it, cowboy ; }


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Mar 19, 2021
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I learned the step on the peg routine when I got my ST 1300...worked great unless my pants were too tight then I did the lift the leg straight over the seat and slide onto the seat and pull the bike up at the same time. Had a Victory touring bike, Goldwing, a couple Bandits, Harleys and a bunch of dirt bikes and still use the same method on the peg and slide over...never broke anything and the older I get the more important proper technique becomes.

Once on the bike...I'm fine except for one time in Moab...went up a hill and was enjoying the scenery from the seat of my DRZ 400. I put my left foot down to stop and there was nothing there so I fell over and 15 feet down the hill...DRZ following me down. Word to the matter how pretty the country may be don't be stupid.