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Considering Barkbusters


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Jun 29, 2022
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Bought a Mc 750x in late May and am enjoying it so far. Have had many bikes through the years so not new to riding.
I have never used Barkbusters but like the concept. The question that I would ask those who have them is about vibration. Since the factory bar ends and weights are removed does this change how smooth the bars feel?
I have a 2006 V Storm that I changed bar ends on and it made vibration worse so went back to factory.
Great forum for a new owner like me. Thanks
I removed my bar end weights. I have no plans to reinstall them. If you aren’t sure about keeping the hand guards don’t remove the weights. Not sure how I would get them back in
Thanks I appreciate the insight. I just hate to do anything that hurts a pretty damn vibration free bike. I traded a 2014 Valkyrie in on this and it is within a whisker of being as smooth.
No bike has yet matched my K 1100 for glass smooth however they are pretty damn close.
I ran hand guards with the stock weights for a couple years but have since switched to taller bars with no guards or weights of any kind and don't notice a bit of difference in vibrations.
Wow no weights at all is impressive. I am ordering the hand guards and running them on the factory weights to start with anyway. Thanks to all for the input.
Imho normal Barkbusters are over engineered for the purposes of ordinary road riding. If however one is going offroad with the risk of dropping the bike occasionally then ok, they will be useful.

I have a pair of these on my X-Adv. They offer much better hand protection in cold weather and indeed are only a slight step back from Muffs.