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Corbin Issues


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Oct 5, 2020
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Toronto Ontario
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Very frustrated with this purchase.

Here's how the install went for a brand new heated Corbin front seat and non-heated rear seat:

Constructive Feedback

Installed the seat yesterday - many issues.

1) Biggest one being electrical. Corbin supplies a mini fuse tap. The Honda NC750X uses low-profile mini fuses - not mini fuses. Very different and therefore the Corbin supplied fuse tap does not work. I've had to purchase a low-profile mini fuse tap separately at additional cost.
2) Fitment of the seats is way off. In order to fit the front seat - both screw down holes had to remove one of the bolts on each side just to allow it to screw in. Otherwise not a chance.
3) Rear seat will not latch - as it now bangs into the front seat. Now I have to see if I can remove the latches, add some combination of washers behind the latch to lower it more to see if I can get it to strike the latch properly when closing.

This is completely unacceptable.
Corbin is using mold from a 2012 NC700. Obviously the 2019 NC750X is a bit different.

Not impressed.

Next bike I'll try a $25 honeycomb egg sitter cushion and save the frustration.
Thanks for the feedback. This feedback should be valuable to anyone considering purchase of a Corbin Seat.

I moved the thread to the Product Reviews forum section.
I have a Corbin on my 2018, bought the Corbin from the factory. Mine is NOT the heated version. I only purchased the FRONT riders seat, I did not buy the rear passenger seat.

Mine fit very well, no issues with installing it. But that said, I never installed the rear passenger seat. I have a Dale's rack on the rear. My Dale's rack fits VERY SNUGLY against the Corbin, so much so that I would suspect that if I had a rear seat in its place that I think it would not easily latch down.

When I ordered my Corbin they told me they were made for 2016 and older, which I thought was odd, because the NC was updated to the new plastics in 2016. I told them I wanted to install it on a 2018 and they said they thought it should fit. On the bright side, it is much more comfortable than the factory seat. My wife's 2016 still has a factory seat and every time I ride her bike I appreciate my Corbin even more.
i purchased a used Corbin seat from someone here and it had been "Modified" where the back seat fits together, just so it would fit/open/close for gas tank access.. it was for my old 12' and now i have it on my 15' and i have the same issue with it, very tight where the two seats meet together. So my take-away from this is it is a common Corbin seat fitting issue.... :{)
I like Corbin seats and decided to have my original recovered. I took it to my seat man along with various instructions as to what I wanted. Anyway when I got it back he had done most of the work including a gel pad in the riders seat, but had misunderstood my directions and forgot to fit the piping. Which I wanted in a medium grey colour all at a cost of £200. When I saw it fitted I thought it was OK.
What do you think.93A7C1B0-6FF0-469B-8A7B-5F9A10DD4982.jpeg
Please, since this is a Product Reviews thread addressing Corbin seats, let's keep the comments specific to experiences with Corbin seats installed on NC series motorcycles. This is not a general aftermarket seat thread.
Sorry for my mistake. What I was trying to say in my own clumsy way was you don’t have to buy a Corbin just have your own recovered and you know it will fit.
Well... It's on. Spent a bit of the weekend making spacers. Bought a couple of longer 6mm bolts and voila.. it's installed.
The rear seat latches now only on one side with a 1 inch spacer plus four washers. Seems strong enough. After the pic was taken took a file and smoothed out the rough edge. Added a dab of red loctite on each bolt. Should hold. Time will tell.

Have gone on a couple of short rides - the heated option is nice. Can't comment yet on comfort until I get a full-day+ ride in.


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I didn't have any trouble installing the seat (non heated) on my 2020 NC. I did have trouble with the back seat latching. I had to push it down pretty hard to get it to latch and was concerned about it releasing when I needed gas. I had to turn the key while lifting it up, it wouldn't spring back up like the stock one.

I hoped it was just because it was new and needed a bit of breaking in and that seems to be the case. Its now easy to latch and have no issues getting it open after about 800 miles on the new saddle. I really like it.


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Consider yourself very lucky. Looks like the heated option adds extra height on mine. That would explain why all of the fitment is off on mine. But - behind me now with many comfortable miles ahead.
Oh yeah - frustration has all but faded away. Have one 5 hour continuous ride and one 2 hour ride on the new saddle. Okay - worth it. No discomfort at all. Half an hour on the original and I was in agony. This is my first heated seat - wow. Won't ever be without one from now on. Love it!
I have heard that is a common problem with Corbin seats, that the rear is difficult to open/close or the rear lip/edge of the front seat needs to be modified for the rear to even fit. Great looking seat though... I have a Corbin that i am using now(while i am waiting to save up enough $$$ for another RDL) that i bough used from someone here that had been cut/modified in the rear to allow the rear seat to operate and it still binds up at times. :{)
I put a Corbin (Front and Rear) on my 2012 700X when I bought it in 2015. It split along a seam across the front of my crotch. I took it to a seat covering guy and he refused to work on it because the leather was glued to the foam. All in all it was not very comfortable, either. Too firm, even though it was made to suit my weight. I would not recommend Corbin to anyone. I've since redone the original seat pan with a Seat Concepts and I am much happier with the result.
Great info on the Corbin seat. I have been considering getting a non heated one for my 2019 NC 750X DCT. Is the Corbin level or is it like the stock seat which leans into the frunk? Thanks. Ray