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Crashed My Car Today


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May 8, 2019
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Lewisville, Texas
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4 lane, two-way road. Other driver coming in the opposite direction failed to yield, did a hard & sudden left turn in front of me & I smacked his rear door about 30 mph. The car to my left hit the brakes & flew past his rear bumper. His insurance expired last year. Speed limit was 35 & my air bag didn't deploy but my plastic front end is smashed up. 2009 Hyundai Accent, no big loss. Was about to get rid of it anyway. I was thinking about the vantage point of being on a tall bike. On my Honda I could have seen over the cars around me & probably braked before he crossed my path. I scan all directions on the bike. In the car I'm mostly just looking straight ahead when traffic is heavy because I can't see over cars.
Glad to hear you weren't hurt and your not to broken up about the car, good luck with the paperwork, hope your not sore or anything