Dunlop Adds Roadsmart IV Sport Touring Tires


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Nov 11, 2011
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Sounds Like a Good Pair of Tires​

Dunlop has had the Roadsmart line of sport-touring tires for a little while now. It had the Roadsmart III tires previously, but now it has updated the tires and that has birthed the Roadsmart IV. Dunlop will now sell both tires.

The Roadsmart III tires could provide 12,000 miles, which is 3,000 more miles than the main competition. These new Roadsmart IV (RSIV) tires should add a class-leading performance option to the mix while still providing long life. The RSIV tires can provide superior mileage for riders (up to 26 percent).


The tire compound is completely new as is the tread pattern, construction, and profile. The profiles differ from front to rear. This results in a 15 percent lighter steering on turn-in. The tread pattern is designed to provide maximum grip while also providing even wear.

The compound of the tire utilizes Hi silica X, which increases the silica content. This improves grip even in the wet. It also provides a 10 percent improvement in wet braking over the Roadsmart III. Fine carbon is also used. This increases the bonding point with polymers on the molecular level, allowing the tire to heat up quicker and more effectively.

The tires come in a variety of sizes. You can check out Dunlop’s website for more info and see if they will fit your bike.


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