Finally got my 2020 NC 750XD (DCT ABS)


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Oct 1, 2019
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Hi - I'm an expat Brit living in Mexico. The COVID-19 situation forced me into retirement at the end of March, 6 months earlier than I had planned and as a joint retirement and birthday present I purchased a 2020 NC 750XD (DCT ABS) from a Honda distributor in Mexico City. My plan is to use the bike for general commuting and short distance rides around my home town and then, once this virus situation is under control , for long distance touring throughout the Americas. It took the distributor up until 2 weeks back to finally deliver the bike to me due to the virus lockdown situation with their business and also my own self confinement at home. Finally I have it, road legal and insured and have started taking it out for short trips whilst I run it in.

I also own a BMW f800r which is currently garaged in the US where I was working part time over the past few years. Its a nice bike but unsuitable for my planned future needs and little too complicated technically to own in Mexico.

This is my first automatic bike and I love it. So easy to ride and more than sufficient low end torque at low revs to suit my riding needs.

Whilst I was waiting for the delivery of the bike I started accumulating various accessories and I now have the bike kitted out with the following:

SW-Motech engine crash guards,
SW-Motech Kobra handgrip guards,
SW Motech Trax Traveller 37 litre side cases,
Honda center stand,
Side stand footprint extended (generic brand)
Admore deaccelaration rear lighting strip - to be fitted
Denali snail horn . almost same size as the OEM horn but twice as loud!
Auxiliary dual USB power socket
A RAM mount X-Grip unit to hold my phone or GPS navigator.

I have ordered a taller (58 cm) touring windscreen and a radiator guard from - a Turkish based distributor - and am also looking to change the footpegs which are too skinny for my liking.

I've heard a lot of negative comments about the seat style and comfort on NC models but mine seems to be fine- It could be that this has been upgraded on the 2020 model - but if I feel the need to make the seat more comfortable for distance riding I plan to take a seat pad from a company such as and make my own 'comfy' seat.

Really looking forward to clocking up the miles on this bike!




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Sep 16, 2018
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Looking forward to your "build" photos.

I use mine for both long distance travel and local. Its a pretty good light touring bike,