Funny helmet story

the Ferret

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Apr 14, 2021
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sw Ohio
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ok funny story .. tonight I had to run over to my son's house, so naturally I grabbed the bike. It's only 4 miles to his house. Because it was really hot and humid I grabbed my white HJC Open face helmet with the little curve smoke visor out of the closet so I could enjoy some air. Going "retro" as it were.


On the way over there I thought about a new thread over on the CB forum where a guy got interior helmet dust? in his eyes from his older helmet. When I took the helmet off over at my son's I noticed little tiny white bits of Styrofoam on the black lining. I started looking for the date to see when it was made. 2003! Definitely over 5 years old lol. When I got home I pulled the bike in the garage, ripped the visor off, walked over to the trash can and threw the helmet in.

I need to check a few more helmets (5 or 6) I have in the closet. I have a feeling tomorrow I will open up some shelf space lol.

I did check my primary helmets, my two white HJC modular's, and they are still good with August 2017 build dates. So I have one more year with those.