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Happy Birthday to The Ferret!

Hey thanks Dave. Been a great day.

Guess how old I am lol

Happy Birthday Ferret and I know you will love the new bike and I ride [ almost every day ]. I purchased a 14 NC700X left over for $4800 new a couple years back and it may be the best bike i ever owned as it handles great and feels light. It was the grocery getter / helmet frunk that sold me on the bike then i fell in love with the rest.
still love my GL1800 Valkyrie and took the wife over to the Road Kill cafe in Elberta Alabama today which reminds me of the ride for food thread we had on the CB1100 forum . enjoy your Cake and Family , Life is Great
Life is Great
Thanks guys,

Got that right scott. They called today to tell me my center stand was in. I said " great, now all I need is a bike to put it on" lol

Yes it is, use2b, yes it is. Btw that thread or another just like it, is still going strong over there