• A few people have been scammed on the site, Only use paypal to pay for items for sale by other members. If they will not use paypal, its likely a scam NEVER SEND E-TRANSFERS OF ANY KIND.

Has anyone experience of this site? First I’ve heard of it!


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Mar 22, 2022
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I believe AliExpress is owned by Alibaba. Both Chinese owned companies. I have found 90% of items I have found on AliExpress I have also found on Walmart.com.
alibaba has been around a good while. My recollection is it's more large order, distributor oriented rather than retail.
Aliexpress is the retail to foreign consumer version of Alibaba, both owned by same company. Aliexpress is Chinas Amazon and is very reliable at least as much as Amazon in my experience.
Alibaba like gregC mentioned is more direct to the manufacturer. It is often cheaper than aliexpress and you can buy large quantities of items. You can also work with a manufacturer in China to alter items, brand, etc. There are a lot of unique ways to buy and sell with Alibaba.
A lot of items for sale on both sites are imported by resellers and can be found on just about all Western online markets. Of course, they mark up the price even though often it is just drop shipped from the manufacture in China.
I've used both and would buy from them, within reason. If it sounds too good to be true it might very well be. I wouldn't buy a camera there but I have bought cheap specialty lenses.