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Having a problem being seen by cage drivers???????


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Apr 29, 2015
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Bakersfield CA
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i realize that being an "exclusive" cager the last forty years has made me somewhat blinded me (unintentionally) to motorcycles on the open road. But, recognizing my renewed interest in riding again has significantly impacted my driving habits in the last couple of months. Before I get in my truck I always tell myself to expect the unexpected. Don't assume because you don't see something ahead or in your rearview mirror that it can't be in your sight in just a second or two. Always use your turn signals regardless of anyone in your sight or not! And routinely check your mirror every 3-5 seconds. That could be me riding next to you before you know it. I want to be able to ride for along time and I'm committed to being the best, safest cager whenever I'm on the road!