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I'm a big guy, and I was looking at the German motorcycli e clothing company Held. They sell my size, but i am wondering if it's like Asian sizes, 2 sizes smaller than US sizes. I purchased a coat from Leather-up in the US, and the 5X was more like a 3X.

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Gius... do you have a link or pics of what you're looking at. I have not heard of HELD, i'll have to go look them up. I'm 6'6" and tipping the scale at 240, I always have to get Tall/Long due to my 37" sleeve and 36" inseam. There is a lot of great safety gear out there but like you, i too have found very little "Big/Tall/Long" that really fit properly.

I did find an incredible 4 season jacket with removable liners from FLY "HydroGuard" and a couple of large vents that really work nicely. I bought it back in May of this year and have used it many times before breaking out my mesh jacket for hot summer riding. I used the FLY while i was down in Moab/LaSal Utah where it got up into the mid 80's. Like many other jackets, as long as you were moving it was great. But the fit/feel is incredible in the FLY jacket. The sleeves are plenty long, there is plenty of room i the chest and across the back and it is plenty long in the back to cover you backside properly. I can tell you with certainty, when this jacket wears out i will buy the same one again!! Fly Racing Street Terra Trek Jacket - RevZilla

For pants i found two that work really nice.

1- is an XL/Long from Wicked Stock and they are 4 season with removable liners with several vents that also work really nice. I used these while i was in the sweltering Moab area.
2-Klim Teton pants. They do not have any vents causing them to be pretty warm but still fairly nice. They are surprisingly comfortable and a great fit in length 36/Tall-Long.

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Good to know. I see they have some really nice gear as well in a variety of real sizes. :{)

Here is another one i was sent by a fellow user here, i have yet to purchase anything from them but it does appear they have a wide selection of real gear that would fit us Big/Tall/Long
K7 Infinity Blue Mens - Hood Motorcycle Jeans


Held is famous for making high quality (and very high dollar) race gloves. They make good stuff as far as I know, but not familiar with their sizing. My Ducati buddy has some Held Phantom gloves he's had for years and loves them.

What I would recommend is finding the article of gear you want and buy from a site like Sportbike Track Gear or Revzilla, as they offer hassle free returns and you only have to pay $10 or so for a prepaid return shipping label. When I was shopping for a race suit, I finally got it right on the 3rd one after sending the other 2 back. Done the same with helmets. Ordered several different helmets and returned them over the years before finding the right one/size.

Joe Rocket stuff tends to run true/big. One of the race suits I bought was a Joe Rocket 2 piece leather suit, bought it in something like a size 52, which was supposed to be in the neighborhood of a 2xl, got it in, and it was huge. And they had several more sizes above it. The suit I settled on was a Cortech 2xl (largest size they made in that suit) and it fits me great with a little extra comfort room. I'm 6'1" down to about 215 lbs now, 38x34 jeans.

Joe Rocket suit size 52 2 piece. It's hard to tell in pic, but that jacket was massive on me. Extremely good quality suit tho!

Cortech suit size 2xl 1 piece.

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I own this pair of Held gloves

they are the best pair of riding gloves I have ever owned. I would buy another pair if I lost these.

I was not aware held made anything but gloves. I would assume their other gear is high quality as well. The sizing seems a bit odd so it's a good thing your checking prior to buying. Their glove sizing is standard. I wear a size 9 and their size 9 is perfect fit for me.

Post an update if you buy, I'm sure there would be interest in a review of their other gear.

Here is a link to held gear on revzilla. They do have some pants and a jacket or two there as well. As you can see the reviews are quite good on all their gear. Read the reviews the fit is one of the things rated on revzilla.

Shop Held Motorcycle Gloves and Gear Online - RevZilla
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Hello all, recieved the 7x Held Zorro coat, it's almost too big! They are true to size, European sizing, not Asian sizing. In retrospect, I should have ordered a 6x, but now I can layer.

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