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Apr 5, 2013
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Yokohama, Japan
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Hi everyone!

I’m an American, living in Yokohama for the past 5+ years. I just picked up a still-new 2018 NC750X in October. So far, 1300 km on the odometer (just over 800 miles I guess), but really enjoying it so far. The weather rarely dips below freezing in this area, so I’m hoping to keep it on the road year-round.

The model is what they call the “e-package” in Japan, which just means factory-installed heated grips and ETC (“Electronic Toll Collection”) card holder. It also came with ABS, HISS (the Honda ignition security system), and traction control. Manual transmission.

Farkles so far: I’ve only put on Givi Trekker side bags, a holder for my phone behind the windscreen, a Honda center stand (they’re cheap here), and ran a fused SAE plug from the battery to power an electric vest. I also have an Eastern Beaver 4CS fuse panel kit that I’ll install when the weather warms up and I have some uninterrupted time. No garage here, so I’ll have to do that in the in-laws’ driveway.

This is my first-ever new bike. My previous machine was a 1977 Honda GL1000 (early Gold Wing) that I bought in 2007 with 17K miles, and sold in 2015 with about 40K. It went to my mechanic buddy in upstate NY, who now has that bike up to about 70K miles and running ‘better than ever,’ according to him!

Of course, you pretty much have to be a mechanic to own a bike that old. I did a lot of my own maintenance and upgrades, and learned a lot, but was constantly stressing about what was going to be the next thing to break or wear out.

He was the one who turned me on to the NC700X when it first came out in 2012. I’ve been following this forum on and off for a few years now. I think the NC7xxX has a couple of things in common with those early Gold Wings: the fake gas tank with locking storage and the under-seat gas tank. Plus a reputation for reliability and longevity, I guess.

However, gas mileage on that bike was always around 32mpg, so far I’m averaging ~63mpg on the NC750X. Low running costs and reliability are important to me.

Anyhow, I passed the driver’s license conversion test for my ‘oogata’ (big bike) license about 3 years ago, but for various reasons had not been able to buy till recently. My original plan was to get a low-mileage used model by having my local Honda shop bid as my agent on the dealer-only auctions they have here. Instead, he found this NOS 2018, and even though it was at the upper edge of my budget, I couldn’t resist the chance to finally have a new machine. So far, so good.

This is getting a little longer than intended, so I’ll wrap it up. But I’m sure I’ll have some questions for you all soon!


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