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Honda DCT Healtech Dyno Tool Africa Twin NC700X NC750X Goldwing

Lee Dodge

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Oct 20, 2013
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Dyno mode activator Honda motorcycles with DCT.

The DCT Dyno Tool is compatible with Honda motorcycles having Dual Clutch Transmissions. On Honda DCT models the dyno mode must be activated prior the dyno run, otherwise the ECU won’t let the dyno technician go through the gears as the front wheel is stationary. Normally a factory Honda diagnostic tool is required for the dyno mode to be activated. The DCT Tool is a low cost solution and much quicker and easier to use too. Just connect it to the diagnostic connector and the tool will activate the dyno mode in a few seconds.

Application List
HONDA CRF1000L Africa Twin [with DCT] (2016-2020), CTX700 [with DCT] (2014-2018), GL1800 Goldwing Automatic DCT (2018-2020), NC700 SD/XD/Integra [with DCT] (2012-2017), NC750 SD/XD/Integra [with DCT] (2014-2020), VFR1200X [with DCT] (ALL years)

DOES NOT fit the CRF1100 Africa Twin

Why might you want this? One of the things that concerned me about this is the possibility of a front wheel sensor failure or damage in the middle of nowhere. You would not be able to shift out of first gear. Could make for a long ride home. Or you may need to run your bike on a dyno to set up a Power Commander.

I bought this and kept it on the bike just in case. Just sold the bike recently. Its new in the package.
Located in Horicon, WI

$70 includes shipping.


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