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Mar 11, 2013
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I just wanted to give a shout out for Iron Pony in Columbus for anyone who might be passing through or even those from Ohio who have never heard of it. I went there today for the first time, about an hour away for me. Well worth it. Huge store in an old Kmart facility. The closeout portion is about 25 percent of the store. Tons of leather jackets for $50 to $60. Half helmets for $10, and full face for $30 - I've never seen anything like it online. Really remarkable to just walk though just to look at how many saddlebags they have! They do have a website here, but it is really not very good for buying stuff, and they certainly don't show all the closeouts.

I only had a hour, and I only bought a jacket, but that was the main thing I wanted. It was an Alpinestars Mora for $85 with tax, and the cheapest I found it for online was $250 (just checked again at home, and eBay does have the same price I paid now - but I swear not 4 hours ago). I bought a similar jacket online for $110, and returned it three times trying to get it to fit my ordinary body (about an extra $20 on me for shipping back and a month in total). So I wished I had known that I had options to try jackets on in a big store.

I gather that most folks don't go for that jacket length, but this one (unlike my mail order one) does allow the zipper to go up at the bottom for a seated riding position. But I may not have to do that as it has two short side zips as well. Sleeves easily move forward into a riding position without binding, and quality velcro on wrists and neck. Clearly a cut above the other one for less money! Only thing I don't like is the darn zipper is on the woman's side, but I've lived with European zips in the past.

Just thought I'd share! I'm going back again next chance I get.


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