Is the NC750x dct a good beginners bike?


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Sep 16, 2018
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First and foremost I want to thank everyone for their valuable input and sharing of their experiences. They were/are all invaluable in my consideration(s).
I thought I would post in reply to my original posting and let everyone know that recently I purchased my 2021 Honda NC750xd. It was the culmination of my search that began in March of 2021, and long the way I looked at numerous NC700/NC750xd. I was just about to buy a 2018xd when I got a call from a dealership asking if I was still searching for one, and I purchased it.
Prior to purchasing the 2021 I had passed my MSC, as many of you had suggested. I have to say that the first time sitting on the bike I felt like it fit like a glove. At 6 foot tall and 210 lbs I find it easy to flat foot it. As many have suggested I have taken it easy, first riding slowly around the area, getting my feel for it overall in the local large parking lots. I find that maneuvering it at slow speed is easier than other bikes I have tried, especially with ride by wire. The throttle is responsive and the traction control has helped me be confident with turning (but not overly so). I cannot overstate how much I am enjoying riding the NC.
Again my sincere thanks to everyone who took the time out of their busy life to share their knowledge and experience to this noobie.

Now come the modifications to make it yours. Fortunately you got a red bike, those are the fastest! So no need for painting it red :rolleyes:

Seriously look at some simple safety measures, some added LED lights to help other people see you is always a good idea. They don't add much weight but make the bike 'visibly bigger' to traffic around you.

Denali DRL lights on the front forks are becoming a popular option. They now make some high visibility brake/turn lights for the back end too. Custom Dynamics (and others) make multi-function license plate frames you could install that adds Stop/Tail & Turn lights that duplicate the factory S/T/T lights so you have double the lights for upcoming drivers to see.

Be safe and enjoy your ride!