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Kawasaki Recalls 2021 ZX-10 and H2 Models


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Nov 11, 2011
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Japanese Manufacturer Kawasaki has released a series of models to be recalled for faulty rear bearings and engine oil pressure relief valves.

The report from AVDRider states that Kawasaki dealers were notified as of August 18, with over 2,380 bikes affected by the recalls.

a view of two riders on the ZX10R

The first of two recalls involves a total of 1,523 bikes in the model year 2020-2021, for the H2 and ZX-10 models.

Here’s a list of the models, complete with the model years:

Recall 1: Models and Years Affected

ZX1002A; 2020-2021​

ZX1002B: 2021​

ZX1002D; 2021​

ZX1002J: 2020-2021​

ZX1002L: 2021​

ZX1002M: 2021​

ZX1002N: 2021​

In a quote from the recall notice, Kawasaki states the following:

“…the components of the relief valve that adjusts the oil pressure of the engine may come off due to improper assembly. When the oil pressure warning indicator is turned on, the engine becomes poorly lubricated. In the worst case, the engine may stop (seize)”.

as view of a Ninja Engine

The second recall is a faulty rear wheel bearing and will affect 857 bikes in the model years 2018 through 2021, including the Ninja H2 SX, Ninja H2 SX SE, and Ninja H2SX SE+ models.
Here’s the list for Recall 2:

Recall 2: Models and Years Affected

ZR1002A: 2018​

ZR1002B: 2018​

ZX1002D: 2019-2021​

Kawasaki has also released a statement on the bearing, and has commented on the following:

“On eligible units, the amount of grease applied to the needle-bearings in the rear hub housing may be insufficient due to variations in the application process. With continuous use, this could lead to bearing failure, in the worst case causing the rear wheel to lock.”

a view of a rear wheel of a Ninja ZX10R

Worried about the cost? Don’t – the Japanese manufacturer has stated that all bikes being recalled for faults in these specific cases will hve the part in question replaced, at no charge to the client.

Should you have questions about your own model and what VINs are affected, Kawasaki customer service can be reached at 1-866-802-9381, using the official recall number MC21-05.

a side view of a Ninja H2 2021 model, one of the bikes affected by the recent recall

If you’re already on the road or have come across an encounter en route, make sure to hit up the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236, citing NHTSA campaign number 21V593000.

Stay safe, and enjoy the roads this week!

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