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Light Bar Installed


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Sep 7, 2012
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I searched this on the forum and did not come up with anything, so forgive me in advance if this is a repeat. I finished my second step of many to come in my project (Urban Adventurer). I always wanted an adventure bike but never could afford a BMW. Since I was a service manager for Honda Motorcycles for a long time, and am very familiar with the product I always had a hard time straying to other brands. When I saw the NC I knew it was my chance to have the urban adventure bike I have always wanted, with the wing and Honda badge on the side. Anyway, enough rambling. Step two is the light bar. I think it adds a lot to the look of the bike and for $130US it is a great value IMO. Especially since it is a Honda product. Very easy install with minor trimming to the little under cowl panel. I did not even remove the fairing like it says to in the instructions. Entire job took 15 minutes. Here are some pics, sorry for being long winded.


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Looking good. Farkling this bike is like drinking beer or eating potato chips. Before one is even finished, the thoughts turn to the next one. Resistance is futile. Enjoy.
Only 130USD? When the NC was first released in the UK dealers were quoting £600 for the light bar. I don't know maybe that included the lights.
Are your the genuine Honda bars?
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I like the light bar it was on my short list of things I wanted for my ride. But, like the bag mounts that required cutting, I'm going to have to pass.

Seems odd that Honda designed two major accessories that would require cutting of panels. Not really a big deal if you never plan to remove what was added.
Looking good Bamo. The Honda "light bars" look very nice, but -please don't take me wrong- I would say they are just that, light supporters, I don't think they will do any job in an undesired crash event

Let me ask about the panniers support... it seems to be the Honda rack without the support for the top case?
Thanks for all the positive comments!

Rocker, yes they are true Honda bars and if you go to this link (2012 NC700X Accessories - Honda Genuine Accessories - Honda Powersports) it will show you the prices on all the accessories Honda offers in America. They retail for $149.95 but i bought them from the shop where I worked before and the owner still gives me a discount.
Tweak, The panel which needs to be cut is the very small panel at the front of the nose. I cant imagine it costing more that $20 dollars or so and it is replaceable in less than a minute. I can understand you not wanting to cut your bike but I would not let that stop you from getting the light bar kit, not really a big deal. IMO or course.
Duk2n, You are right about the crash support. I think if it was a fall off the center stand and hit the wall type of incident, they might help, but they are really just for show. It is however a metal bar between the fairing and everything else so maybe there is a slight chance it could help and not hinder. You are correct about the panniers support, top box with mount is on the way but back ordered. He says I should see it mid to late October. Next up is a sweet set of Denali lights, hand-guards, and that Puig windshield. The we conquer the Dakar!!!
As far as I have seen they only sell the silver inserts for the bike, like the ones seen in this photo. The panniers come separate from the top box, which I have also ordered. This picture is my motivation.Honda-NC700X-2012-accessories.jpg
I have the light bar as well and I still really wanting the Honda LED Fog Lights but the only place I've been able to locate them is on a Japanese web site. Anyone else hearing anything about the availability of them yet?
Dealer told me that the lights are NOT Honda, but from another supplier. However, most dealers/customers are using whatever brand lights they want. I was looking at the Piaa LED lights myself.


Bamo, I also like that pic a lot. Dig those silver bag inserts and driving lights. :)
When I got to the Dealer to pick up my light bar he asked me, "do you know this light bar does not come with any lights?" I told him I did and he said that Honda told him that it was not "cost effective" to produce lights at this time. I am looking at the Denali LED lights but they are so expensive I am going to need to save up a little bit. Thinking of getting some Ebay or Walmart Specials for the time being to complete the look and give me a little better vision at night.
Recieved the Light Bar tonight and already installed it.... I'll grab a pic when it's daylight...

Wanted to add, It was from Cycle Parts Nation. Good price fast delivery...
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I just installed the light bar on mine and i understand about cutting on a brand new bike. But the plastic part is small, and could be purchased also,then if removed later the new plastic installed and keep the old plastic part with the bars. for that matter a new factory cut plastic part should be included with the bars. I drank two shiners before i started so i didn't feel so bad about rotozipping the plastic part--It helps
"I have the light bar as well and I still really wanting the Honda LED Fog Lights but the only place I've been able to locate them is on a Japanese web site. Anyone else hearing anything about the availability of them yet?"

For the price they are asking you could buy two sets of Denali's or PIAA's. It hard to justify spending $300 on a set of lights, forget about $650. I asked about them when I picked up my light bar and was told that it was not happening here in the US.
Question, I'm thinking about getting the same for my ride, mainly for fairing protection if she goes down.
My question is, how does this fair in regards to protection vs the after market "engine protectors" being sold out there.

I like the looks of the light bar vs the others but not sure if it offers any sturdy protection or if it is more of a cosmetic piece and a place to hang fog lights.

Thanks in advance. - DG
I took some pictures a while back for someone else asking the same question. Can't remember the thread name so I'll just post the photos again. He wanted to see how far the light bar stuck out. Not Very. IT would give quite easily under impact.


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