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Mesh Seat covers


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Jun 14, 2023
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North Vancouver, BC
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I tried the Wind River seat cover but could not make it fit without interfering with the front seat mounts and rear fuel filler.
Does anybody know of a decent fitting seat cover?


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Check out beadrider.com - these are those wooden beads strung together that you sit on. Cool air blows through and they are great to sit on in the summer. I've no idea if they have one for NC's.
I bought a mesh seat cover for a 750 years ago and made it fit the nc700x seat. Stretching and stapling it tight worked. Still have it on. 10 years now.
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I bought an Amazon 3d mesh cheapo like that. It improved my comfort a little though it's not very thick. Not much extra padding at all, but more airflow was helpful. Oddly, though it was thin, I did need to adjust my mirrors! Since ordered a top sellerie custom, will see how that goes. NC750x seat for me has been an 8/10 some days, a 6/10 others. My butt gets sore in the minivan and in my honda accord, which have nice seats, so clearly it's just never satisfied.