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Michelin Pilot Road 4's deal


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Apr 30, 2019
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Northeast Alabama
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Just sharing my find on some Michelin Pilot Road 4's at www.sportbiketrackgear.com

Note: I haven't shopped around to see if they are cheaper anywhere else, just seemed like a good deal to me so I pulled the trigger. Plus they have a rewards program so I received nearly $15 in-store credit with them, which will always get used, because I buy my track stuff from them.

I had the Road 5's on my street NC, ran over nail and ruined rear tire last year, put on a new Dunlop Q3 rear that I had in the shop, and it's nearly toast with under 2k miles on it. Road 5 front still has a few miles left in it. But as I was pricing Road 5's, I couldn't help but notice the drastic difference in price between them and the Pilot Road 4's. So I figured I'd give the Road 4's a try since I've never ridden on them and they are significantly cheaper.

So front and rear Michelin Pilot Road 4 in 160/60/17 and 120/70/17 total shipped for $294.57 (with $14.34 of in-store credit)

As compared to front and rear Michelin Road 5's, 160/60/17 and 120/70/17 total shipped for $420.98 ($126.41 more expensive than the Pilot Road 4's)