My NC700X in the curves!


So I bought a cheap tripod to hold my smartphone and got the idea of getting some still video footage of some good curves in my riding territory (I hate onboard camera footage). A friend and I went on a road trip last weekend, ran into some delays starting out and didn't get to play around with filming in the curves as much as I'd like, but we did manage to get a little footage.

I tried setting the camera up to catch two curves, but the farthest curve from the camera actually had a pretty good dip in it mid-curve so it was kinda sketchy and a waste to even include it in the film. The curve nearest to the camera was a pretty good one, but in trying to capture the farther curve in the same video, the camera wasn't really set up to catch the apex in the nearest curve at the best angle. I really expected us to look a little faster on camera. LOL. This is the first time I've tried this and I'm also still getting used to the feel of the NC, and the staggered footing positions. I found that I felt more confident in left-hand turns, because in right hand turns when I try to hang off the bike, it pulls my prosthetic foot off the highway peg on the other side, so getting used to all that is a work in progress.

For now, I'm just having fun.

This will be a fun thread to update from time to time when I get around to filming more like this and comparing on down the road when I get 100% comfortable on the NC like the old days of riding sportbikes. I will make it out to Little River Canyon and try this in some better curves one day soon.



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nice shots, the bike is lookin' good with those new bags on it. You're handling the curves quite well. I really like the way the NC's handle the curves. I have 2 large mountain passes in my area that i end up riding a lot and the NC just eats the curves up climbing and descending the passes!! :{)


Thanks! It's so fun to ride, I'm loving it so far. Usually the local canyon is the first place I take a new bike but I haven't been able to make it out there on the NC yet. It's a super fun road, maybe I can get out there on a low traffic day and get some better footage.