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"Pelican" type top box at SAM's Club, USA........



While I have not purchased one of these personally, I did inspect it while at SAM's Club. Seems very sturdy and robust. It actually has (4) buckles to open it.......2 in the front, 1 on each side.......which I did not care for. I think two are enough?? Anyway, I use a Pelican Case Top Box on my Vstrom, and love it........ I'm sure I paid more than $29 for it too!!!!

Member's Mark 20" Protective Safety Box (Black) - Sam's Club

Looks like outside dimensions are approximately 20" x 16" x 8"........of course all of the foam padding can be taken out if used on the bike.
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Follow-Up: I purchased one of these Pelican knock-offs today at Sam's Club.........only $19.95 plus 9% Tax. They have them at $10.00 off the $29.95 Price for a few more weeks. See pics below.......I show it next to my Pelican on my Vstrom650. The Sam's Box is only 1" smaller in all 3 directions compared to the Pelican, altho the picture is misleading (makes the Pelican look MUCH bigger....it is not). I think it's a GREAT DEAL......now, I gotta find a rack (or make a "shelf" myself) for the NC700 to mount it on. The seals are very tight, comes with Foam Inserts (see pics) which merely pull out (not glued). I don't like having (4) latches on it, but for the price..........
If anyone wants me to purchase one for them, send me a PM and we can work out the details........you will pay the $19.95 + $1.80 Sales Tax + actual shipping from zip 35124. I know some folks live out in the Boonies, and there may not be a Sam's Club within 100 miles......just trying to help if I can.


(ha ha ....just realized I had it mounted backwards on the bike for photo op.......I like the latches facing the rear.)
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Looks nice!

I noticed that Harbor Freight is selling a version of this case called Apache, in various sizes. It's currently not as good of a deal as the Sams unit, but still is another option to consider.