Perfect motorcycle roads - NC750X DCT 2019 - ROMANIA

Hi there !

Glad to discover this dedicated Honda NC forum, it's very usefull !

I am very happy to present you some of my trips made so far with the NC750X.
Here in Romania there are some amazing motorcycle routes that can offer you a lot of excitement and adventure. Let me present the ones I made this year since march:

1) Two epic Roads - One Day - Transfagarasan & Transalpina - 800 Km ride

2) Along the Danube (Danube's Boilers, Danube seen from Serbian side) - 600 km ride

3) Almost a perfect autum ride (Transbucegi Highway & Rucar - Bran Pass - on the way to Dracula's Castle)

All the infos about the riding locations you can find in the video description.

Also feel free to discover 3 owner's reviews made so far, hope you'll find some usefull informations:

Review at 11,000 KM : YouTube

First review made at 4000 Km: YouTube

Full DASHBORD review: