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Riding in the middle of the roads (safety tip)

I've been on the ground and all the gear saved my skin, my jaw and a few other body parts. I'm ATGATT even if I'm just riding around the block. Blue jeans will disintegrate in the first few feet of a slide. Then its your skin vrs. the asphalt. Guess who wins. As another fellow says...its an asphalt belt sander you are riding on.
Ditto. Back in the 60’s I rode sans helmet for a few months. Got tired of getting smacked by bugs/rain etc. A few years later while traveling about 75 down the slab I hit a Sparrow-on top of my “original” Bell Star. Dropped my head so chin was as far down as possible when I realized impact was imminent. That little 2-3 ounce bird darn near knocked me OFF the bike. Never, ever, rode a bike without a full face or quality modular lid and full PPE (motorcycle boots, pants, jacket and gloves) since. If it’s too hot for gear, it’s too hot to be on a bike (and it’s very seldom too hot for that
I'm just seeing this and don't know the qualifications of the OP, but as an MSF Rider Coach and veteran of many years and many thousands of miles on heavy Interstate trips, there is no question that one must use the entire lane on various occasions, and rarely is the middle the best option. If you are in the fast or far left lane, you should generally stay on the right side to be sure you are seen until a car gets close, for example.

Anyway, many here have already said the same. Be careful of what you read about "safety" on forums! Read books by established professionals like David Hough or take a class from a trained instructor in a well established curriculum. There is a good reason that one of the highest accident and death rates is for people who are taught to ride by their friends. What friends say is the truth, is often crap.