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Road buckles - High heat and high speed. The nc700 and nc750 front fork. Things to know


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Jan 13, 2021
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It is getting super hot out there. The temperatures are prolonged. The road is buckling in places. Asphalt is breaking up. Tell us where. Give us a heads up. Also, if you hit one of these, and decided to change your forks, what did you do to fix it?

I want to encourage everyone with some experience taking apart the forks on their NC to chime in. I would also encourage anyone out there who has had such a surprise on their NC. Did you bend a rim? What tire did you have?

Now, I am a heavy guy. I am about 220 pounds geared up.

THE BIG ONE: I hit one of these road buckles on i35E near the GBTP interchange southbound north of Dallas on my NC. This was the moment I decided it was time to change the suspension. There always seems to be a gigantic front fork "kerblam" here. I try to anticipate it any time I am headed south through there. This buckle can be 2 to three inches at a time. This is not a mild thump. My car has a racing suspension and that causes the same "kerblam" at times. The road is also seriously buckling northbound in the same location. It is getting bad.

WHAT I DID TO FIX IT: I changed out my fork springs from a progressive spring to a heavier linear spring. I also added fork emulators and set them about 4 turns clockwise. This is the YSS fork emulator. I drilled the four 8mm holes in the slider and de-burred them using a plumber's de-burring tool. I did the work myself. The drill danced all over the slider and I simply polished out the drill bit scratch mark.

As for tires, I usually run trail tires. My Michelin Pilot tires handled this better but my forks would always nearly bottom out before I changed them. I also learned that because of the high temperature swings and heat, I cannot run my tires much more than 27 to 28lbs. When it is hot, the tires can feel quite firm. Hit one of these road joints at 35lbs and wow. That hurts.

I know some of you think I am some sort of brainiac. It is never that difficult to have fun with a topic like this. Do you have one of these near your home? is it a "kerblam kerblam"? ... or possibly a tire wiggling "bumpity bump ker-slam... Holy %$#^&@!!!"? How would you describe it?

I posted some of the highlights of my fork and shock adventure below. I took the endeavor seriously and you know what? It was not all that difficult. The hardest part was making the workbench from Home Depot parts and super duty bovine shag swing for the bike.


I would also warn any bikers of the 183/820 interchange west of Dallas. There are some serious road deformities there and some serious sudden drops on those super elevated overpasses. There is a maze of bridges there. For anyone who is interested in overpass design, Dallas is a case study in "over-doing" it. Google map the DFW airport south interchange. It is a riot. It is no place to be in the summer heat stuck in traffic.

If you are on a bike traveling through any of these areas, be cautious, these joints can throw you. These taller overpasses have larger sudden drops. Such as the 820 eastbound overpass joining 183. The highway can drop a foot or so suddenly.


It can be a six story drop over the edge of the barrier on these Dallas super interchanges. I have attached a photo below. This is nothing compared to some of the interchanges that exist today. One such GBTP interchange appears to be 10 stories up depending on your perspective. It can feel extra hot in these areas.


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Jan 13, 2021
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I thank you for the comment. Some of it was. Some of it was the noise the suspension made hitting the asphalt buckle at 70mph. The noise that it makes now is a lot more mild. Maybe because I polished the sliders and it never bottoms out unless I am airborne or hit a 5 inch pothole going 30 mph. It now makes a "kirsloink" kinda sound under the worst conditions. This is probably also the emulators at work.

The buckle has since been ground down going southbound, but there are still some pretty solid "kersloinks" there.

I enjoy it when people read my stuff. I have yet to kink a rim. Yep. They are still round.

I service inspect my bike often because of my somewhat care-free terrain selection.

At one point, the road I was on was actually a mound of rock spanning a drainage pipe over a 6 foot ditch in the middle of a farmer's field. The road was actually his tractor access. But I have been on worse roads that are barely paths.

Silly that there was a road sign there. The only way I can tell half the time is that there is a stop sign at the other end. Some times, there is a marker of some sort, no stop sign, but there is a road sign. Sometimes, the stop sign is just plain stolen (3rd from left). Welcome to Texas country riding. The situations you run into are endless.

My speed bumps are sometimes poisonous snakes.

I usually start a new brand of tire at 32psi, and then I go through a series of tests. If it passes, the 28psi test, that is where I keep it. I do not arbitrarily pick a tire pressure. Some tires are too soft for 28psi. I learn what the tires feels like at that pressure. Sometimes I will hit a supermarket speed bump. Sometimes it is a giant rock. I test.

Most of my tires will burn a 1/2 inch to 1 inch wear mark into the middle at 32psi and that stinks. Ever wonder why your tires do not last that long? I want a good 2 inch wide scrub mark on my new tire after my first 100 miles (see below - trailmax mission). Yeah. I am like that. I have burned through tires in a week. It is expensive. I want maximum grip under all conditions without inflating and deflating. I do not want dust in my valve stem. It gets dusty in Texas. You can see in a single day, I am on all sorts of terrain.

I cannot be off my bike in 95F heat setting my tire pressure. I will be found laying on my back under my bike. The mesh armor is great for the heat (Moto Fox Titan), but you must keep moving. If you stop, you bake. Sorry for the promo. I am shameless. I have two of these jackets. One black. One neon-yellow-green.

You can soak it in water, but then you bake in warm water. The black mesh jacket is no good above 85F. It becomes an oven. The mesh armor gets a lot more "thumbs ups" from people who I see in passing. I am starting to see why good people give me free and discounted stuff. Because I am always out there.

On some of these roads, the exhaust is very quiet. I can hear the suspension going "shoink shoink shoink". I listen for it to know how well it is working. I have video of it in the dirt... so I know it works.

Listen to your bike. Know how it sounds. Not just the engine. Listen to the chain. Listen to the shocks. Know when it is overheating or dry. Usually my chain will squeal right before I throw it.

Damn this spell correct feature trying to spell correct shoink.


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