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Side Luggage rack for 2023 ?

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May 8, 2023
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Bow-hemia, NH
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I have pair of large Mosko Moto bags (and their mounting plates, that I saved from my Africa Twin) that I would like to fit to the NC750x. I'd only use these for long-range work, so not keep them mounted all the time (they're bigger than I need for most riding).

Problem: I've had no luck finding a suitable rack, and I'd like to get this solved, and fitted, before late April when a long trip is planned. Mosko had no suggestions, and a Canadian company I enquired at recently had no plans "until there's more demand."

I'd prefer an in-North-America source.

Any suggestions gratefully received.
I made my own to fit the Tusk bags that were on my BMW. Overall, extremely easy if you have any fab experience. It only took me an afternoon. Look around for local independent welding shops or mom-n-pop auto shops with good reviews. They should be able to whip you something up and possibly paint or powdercoat as well. There are lots of these guys around here and I would expect pretty much everywhere. Old MC shops can probably do this too.

For potentially easier, you could get whatever Givi is selling these days and modify them to suit.

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