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SOLD 2012-2015 V-Stream windshield package w/ 3 screens

Lee Dodge

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Oct 20, 2013
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Horicon, WI
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National Cycle V-Stream set up. Includes the tall clear touring touring screen (22"), the standard height light tint screen (18.5"), and a cut down short screen for hot weather. The 18.5" screen has an MRA Touring X-Creen mounted. Once the bracket is mounted it takes about 5 minutes to change out screens. I am 5'8" and the 18.5 worked great for me. It created a nice still air pocket with fairly low noise levels. The mounting bracket is made of 1/2 steel tubing that bolts solidly to the bike. Great place to mount a GPS or phone. The screens are thick polycarbonate with good optics. I used this setup for several years so there are small scratches, bug splats, etc but no major flaws. The short screen is the sport screen version I cut down with a Dremel. The edge could use some smoothing. Current value new on this setup with the X-Creen and extra screens is about $500.
$250 shipped.