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SOLD! 2013 NC700X Connecticut) 26,000 Miles


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Jul 23, 2018
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Stamford, CT
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SOLD!! Never thought I’d sell my NC700X, but I heard the siren song of a 2020 BMW F750GS and couldn’t resist. Only room for one bike in the garage, so the NC has to go. It’s a great bike. Can be used as a commuter (consistently gets up to 70 mpg, and has the "frunk"), a middle-weight long distance tourer, and even do some light off road. In great mechanical condition, always well serviced, some cosmetic nicks and bruises, as you would expect. Just had it serviced and did oil change. Your chance to buy a bike that is truly turn-key and ready to go.

I’d like to sell the bike and accessories as a package. If that doesn’t happen in a week or so, I’ll entertain offers for the accessories individually. Prices shown below are for the farkles when bought new. Does not include installation costs; all installations done by my local shop. Thanks. GregT

1. Sargent Front Seat ($350)
2. Madstad Windshield ($260) Not shown in pictures
3. Garmin 595LM GPS ($700)
4. Garmin Tire Pressure Monitors ($130)
5. Givi Dolomiti 2 Side Cases (36L Each) and Rack; one case has small dent. ($800)
6. Givi Dolomiti Top Case (30L) ($362)
7. Givi Top Case Rack ($125)
8. Clearwater Glendina front LED driving lights hi-low beam. Great visibility front. ($280)
9. Barkbuster hand guards ($135)

10. Brand new tires (Dunlop Sportmax Roadsmart II)
11. Skene P3 LED Rear Lights with Turn Signal Option. Great visibility rear. ($181)
12. Lowering links: lowered the bike by 1”; forks raised 1” ($80)
13. Side stand cut down by 1”
14. Center stand
15. Bar risers ($90)
16. Givi engine guards ($180)
17. Denali Soundbomb compact dual-tone air horn; very loud ($75)
18. Denali PowerHub 2 fusebox ($130)
19. Motowerk mirror extenders ($40)
20. USB outlet hardwired into frunk ($75)
21. Battery tender lead ($20)
22. Coaxial outlet in left fender (for heated gear) ($100)
23. Formotion outside temperature gauge ($50)
24. Adjustable clutch and brake levers ($200)
25. Braided steel brake lines ($100)
26. Front fender extender ($35)
27. Evotech radiator guard ($100)
28. Front fork gators ($45)
29. At 9,700 Miles:
a. New Ohlins Rear Shock HO 070 Street S46 DR ($600)
b. Gold Valve emulator and springs for front forks ($310)
30. At 16,000 miles:
a. New chain and rear wheel bearing ($280)
31. At 18,000 miles:
a. New front/rear sprockets ($80)
b. New front brake rotor and brake pads ($290)
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