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SOLD!!!! 2016 NC700X 6 speed manual. Located near Boston, MA


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May 21, 2019
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Selling my better half's 2016 Honda NC 700X 6 speed manual transmission. We are moving into an RV to travel and cannot take it with us.

The bike currently has 6500 miles on it and counting... It is in really nice condition and has been ridden gently by a female rider. Tires are new Conti Trail Attack 3's with ~500 miles on them. It has the following upgrades/farkles.
Seat Concepts seat both front and rear
Givi 45L top box and mount.
Givi pannier supports for V37 panniers(panniers not included).
Heat Demon heated grips with 4 level controller
Cell phone charger and ram ball on handlebars
Givi crossbar and Zumo XT mount and power above instrument cluster.
SW Motech barback risers
Vizitech brake flasher
Puig touring windshield
Puig adjustable clutch lever
Includes Soupy's lowering links and a modified factory kickstand to lower the bike. These are not currently installed.
Asking 5500 cash. Have the clear title in hand.
If anyone outside the area is interested i can arrange to work with you on a fly n ride...