Sold!: HONDABIKEPRO Skidplate, for NC700X manual trans


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For sale is a used HONDABIKEPRO skid plate that fits manual transmission 2012-2015 NC700X. I had it mounted on a 2012 model. It may or may not fit on a 2016+ NC700X/NC750X, but I have no way to verify that. Does not fit any DCT model. Also, this is the standard style HBP skid plate, not the custom made one that mates with SW_Motech crash bars.

This skid plate is hand made by Dale Gray. I don't know my metal gauges, but this aluminum is a super heavy 0.19 inches thick. It's nearly off the gauge chart for aluminum sheet. but it may be 4 or 5 gauge. In any event, I don't think you can possibly find a sturdier skid plate for the NC. The aluminum is not coated or painted. The finish has a satin look. If you ding it up, just hit it with an orbital sander to freshen it up. The skid plate extends rearward far enough to protect the lower shock mount. It's compatible with the Honda centerstand and stock exhaust. You do need to remove the skid plate for oil changes, but it's not a big task.

Mounting instructions are included. To mount this plate, some of the lower cowl mounting brackets have to be modified (cut). No worries! I am including in the sale the already modified brackets, so you won't have to cut your bike's brackets to mount the skid plate to your bike!

Here is a link to the now missing HONDABIKEPRO forum pages showing the skid plate products and original pricing.

I'm going to let this skid plate go for roughly half price, at $225 + shipping, and that will include the (used) modified mounting brackets. The skid plate weighs about 10.5 pounds, and the packaging will probably bring shipping weight to around 17 pounds. Since shipping cost could vary greatly depending on distance, seriously interested parties can private message me and I can provide a shipping cost from Illinois, USA.

See the attached pictures, and ask any questions you might have! Paypal (friends and family method) accepted. Thanks for looking!