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Soupys Adjustable lowering links and Adjustable side stand combo GROUP BUY


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Mar 11, 2018
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Garden Grove
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Hi Guys,
Are you interested in lowering your NC with the right hardware? I've contacted Soupy's and They're willing to give us additional 5% discount for 5 people, or 10% discount for 10 people.
With the 5%, the kit comes out to $230 for the links and stand. I know this forum must have some people wanting to get this.

Also, of you could spread the word on other forums about this group buy, that would be awesome. Just comment below if you're interested, and if enough people want to do this, I'll get it started.
I attached the response from Soupys below.
Hi Tuan,

Thank you for your interest in our items. We do discount he combo kits already. We do like working with forum groups and if you could get 5 people to order the combo kits we can do a 5% additional discount, and if 10 or more order the combo kits we could do an additional 10%. We would need a list from you of email addresses and shipping addresses, we would then issue the invoice directly to them via paypal to their email address.

Please include all original messages as we have hundreds of emails we answer each day.

Thank you

Soupys Support Team