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SW Motech Pro Side Cariers for NC750X/D 2020- $150


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Oct 13, 2020
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Portland, OR
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SW Motech PRO Side Carrier - Full set of detachable side bag mounts for NC750X/D from '20 on. After a crash in April insurance replaced the set. The only thing wrong with the set is the front attachment on the left side is slightly bent from its original location. Possibly a half inch or less out of place. If you can bend mild steel you can fix that one problem and have a set of these great mounts for half price plus shipping. The kit comes with 100% of the required mounting hardware. I transferred the Givi adapters from this set to my new set of mounts. You'll need to get the appropriate adapter kit from SW Motech. Depending on your bags that could run $25 to $50. See their website for details.

These are packed up and ready to go. The actual cost of shipping will be calculated when you agree to purchase the mounts. I use FedEx Home Delivery.

PayPal/Venmo are best. No checks or money orders. Thanks.


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