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Tall Rider Mods - 2015 NC700x


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Jan 2, 2020
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I'm 6'5, 34 inch inseam, size 14 shoe.

Bought a 2015 NC700x new in early 2018. After a spring / summer / fall of riding, I've finally gotten my bike to place where I'm not in back pain, my butt isn't sore, and my hamstrings are as tight as could be after an hour ride.

Hopefully some of the below helps out other tall riders / people who are having issues with the ergonomics of the NC700X.

1) Raised handle bars 2 inches.
Item: 2" Pivoting Bar Risers for 7/8" OR 1 1/8" Handlebar (BLEM) × 1.
Cost: $60 FWIW: I got a $40 discount because mine were "BLEM" and an end of season sale. They look great to me.
Installation: Easy enough, the stock hoses/wires reached the extra 2 inches for me, even though I had read others had issue.
Result: Huge difference for me, especially on 2 hour plus rides. I definitely could see upgrading to 4 inch rises at some point down the road, but that would more than likely require new hoses/wires as well.

2) New Seat Concepts Seat.
Item: Honda (2012-20) NC700X-750X *Comfort* - Front Seat Kit ONLY / Carbon Fiber Sides/Gripper Top
Cost: $224.94 (seat / installation total)+ $40 (had them install in and had to ship seat pan to Indiana)
Installation: 2 screws
Result: You don't even know the difference over the stock seat. I researched all the options (Russell, Corbin, Shad, etc) and seat concepts was the cheapest, its much more cushion than stock and takes the forward slope away.

3) Fix the slope by adding bumpers under seat pan.
Item: 7/8" chair leg bumpers
Cost: less than $5 at Home Depot
Installation: Very easy, however the seat will not fit in place. Videos online reccomend you fix a piece of metal to allow for the seat to be locked in - I didn't do that, and have had no issues
Result: I did this prior to buying new seat concept seat, and it made a difference with the slope. I may or may not keep them going forward now that I have the Seat Concepts.

4) Highway Pegs right on the stock bars.
Item: Kuryakyn 7920 Motorcycle Foot Controls: Offset Dually ISO Highway Pegs with Magnum Quick Clamps for 1-11/32" (1.35") Engine Guards/Tubing, Chrome, 1 P
Cost: $117.06 off Amazon
Installation: Ugh. I bought the 1.35 because that's what I read would fit, and they didn't close all the way before I even tightened them, so I assumed I needed a size bigger. So I bought 1.5 clamps separately, and they were wayyy too big. I tried using electrical tape and double sided foam tape to bridge the gap, but was unsuccessful. Then after about an hour of failure, I took all my tape off and put the 1.35 clamps and just tightened, and they fit perfectly. I had to cut the hose/wire which are connected to the stock bars. Also, they are not level on both sides because of other parts of the bike.
Result: Similar to the seat, difference is night and day. Can finally not sit with my legs tucked underneath me, and give my hamstrings a break.

^the above mods have made a great difference for me, be interested to know what others have done as well.
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Jan 28, 2018
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Houston, TEXAS
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That's essentially what I did with different brands of parts such as SHAD seat and I found some 1.5 inch drop pegs. Same height of bar risers. These things made the bike fit my 6'1" frame much better and made long rides possible. Handle grip cushions help too. On my other bike I need a back rest to avoid back pain but on the NCX I don't need it. BTW I am 67.