Women's Guide to Motorcycling


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Dec 5, 2015
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near Seattle
I was asked to write this book by the same publisher as David Hough's Proficient Motorcycling, geared to women who ride. It's not a 'how to ride' book but a compendium of information any rider, especially a newer rider, might find useful. Chapters include a history of women riders along with current women riders; why I ride, and is it for me; getting started (classes, styles of riding, etc); getting better (more classes, sample rides to demonstrate skills that go into riding, practicing, improving, etc); shopping (bike styles, dealing with dealers especially as a woman, learning about modifications, riding gear, helmet information, gloves, boots, etc, etc) ; basic mechanics (knowing your bike, roadside repairs, winterizing, etc); safety considerations (riding solo, in groups, tracking devices, accident issues, etc) ; putting it all together (planning rides, group or solo, etc); and getting connected (clubs, groups, forums, rallies, etc).

It's available for pre-order only at this time, but I think it will add an interesting book to the mix of what's out there. For those interested, here's a link to the Amazon page (I had no input on photos btw): The Women's Guide to Motorcycling: Everything a Woman Needs to Know About Bikes, Equipment, Riding, and Safety: Lynda Lahman: 9781620082096: Amazon.com: Books