would u pay $1000 to avoid a skinned knee??


What an experience, I'm sure alot of us older guys have many times that we look back on and can't believe we lived through them.
Out on the road, you can always tell the ones who have never been down, that's for sure!


How about some firsthand pics? Lol

Right leg that I got to keep.

After bone graft taken from my femoral crest.

And the unlucky midget leg.

And my pelvis

Yeah, it was loads of fun for about a year. Lol

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TacomaJD........WTF.......wow!. Made my body ache just looking at the photos .


No - I prefer the risk over discomfort and so far it has paid off. very few people use any kind of riding cloths in Florida =76 Deg today . during the summer i cruise the coast commando in baggy cargo shorts and T shirt , besides chic's dig scars ...