WTB: frunk lid for 2013 NC700X


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My lid is ok, but got an idea to buy another one - kinda don't care about the color, so I can drill some holes and make a rail/holder for a tank bag. Magnetic bag doesn't work, a tank bag with the straps is not so practical. I know, I can get used to it, like I did with the duffel bag on the pillion seat I have when touring, but still...



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Here's one on fleabay:
Hey David,
Thanks for the info.
I didn't check fleabay, or craigslist or facebook market, because I wanted to see first if somebody from the Forum has one. Supporting the community :D
The one from the link is whole frunk and I need just the lid. $75.95 is probably good price but $41.85 for shipping is the show stopper. But then I realized I never actually checked the price on Partzilla for the new one?!?!? Never came to my mind to check it? :eek: Scarry... Dementia is kicking on my door? :(
So, on Partzilla the lid is $85.83. Plus $9.95 shipping.

Thanks Dave.