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Enjoy your bike. The handling characteristics allow for some unusual performance off road and in the wet. It is good to keep the fuel under the seat and not in front of you. Plenty of storage!!
Did you mean to make this comment to someone else? I don't ride off road and I don't carry extra fuel. :)
When I bought it, I did not think it was an adventure bike. It was bought as an A to B bike. But I ride a lot under all conditions. Texas has a lot of dirt roads. Suddenly, A to B meant dirt and through water. I was kinda shocked how it worked. I owned and rode a lot of bikes.
Hi Willie, I've never ridden a Wing, but it seems like the ultimate big engine bike with a large fan club. I love my NC for it's maneuverable size, low maintenance and fun factor on winding roads. I find Highway riding is not so enjoyable. Curious to know what factors go into deciding which one of your bikes gets chosen on any given day :) Thanks, Rich
Hey Rich, Actually, I ride both bikes about equally, lately tho, the 700 seems to be my go too bike. I am 73 years old and the Wing is getting to be a handful whenever riding two up. I am considering a Can Am Spyder to replace the Wing. I still do a lot of touring, having ridden in all the lower 48 states with my Wing, currently the Wing has 83,000 trouble free miles on it. Have safe riding my friend.
How are you liking the Africa Twin as compared to the NC? I’m debating a DCT Africa Twin (used, 2018-2019) or a 2018+ NC750X. I test rode my first AT DCT today and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel too tall, had much better suspension and wind protection than the NC. What do you think?
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I like the AT AS ES DCT a lot. It’s heavier with the 6.5 gl tank, the seat is more comfortable, the power is excellent, and I really like the Apple CarPlay. My 5400 mile trip out to Nevada and back was awesome. In many ways the AT trip this year was better than my previous trips on my Gold Wing. As I started loading my NC up with bags etc, I realized it was going to feel so under powered to me.
Back in the RDL Saddle again and puttin' on the miles!! :{)
The 2012 NC700x manual with it's RDL seat has been traded to MyCroft for his 2015 NC700xd DCT! We're both really liking our new-to-us bikes and racking up the miles on each. :{)
Hey Ken, I was just admiring one of your bike photos. Curious to know where you purchased the back support for seat and which crash bars you installed? Both look good!

Sherl, yes I still have the windshield. Where are you located, (zip code) and I'll give you an estimate on shipping.
Traded my 2016 NC700XD (2466 miles) and 2015 Gold Wing Lvl 1 40th Anniversary Edition (28089 miles) in on a 2020 Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES DCT. I’ve wanted an Africa Twin for years but felt the seat was too high for my 30” inseam. During the NC Forum Gathering at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in May, I got to sit on one. I was hooked.
Hello MWS... I too live in Oklahoma...Edmond to be exact. I transferred here from Albuquerque last summer to teach here. That member picture of yours looks more like Albuquerque than Oklahoma... I've got 31,000 miles on my 2012 NC700x. I ride it as a commuter.
I bought the NC to go fishing around the lakes. Happy to say I went fishing with it and caught a nice small large mouth bass. Then I rode the NC out the gravel roads through the nature area instead of the blacktop. What fun!
Researching parts and prices to repair my 2015 NC700X XCT ABS. Retail prices add up to about $1500. Cant locate a right side OEM panniers. Any help out there.
It might just be me, but I feel as if your post would be seen by many more of the forum members if you posted in the "marketplace" forum, "parts wanted"
Unfortunately I can't help you, but good luck and Safe riding
Hi SS, I'm interested in purchasing your stock NC700X front seat. I'll pay the $65 as you asked and you can sell the rear seat to the other guy. Or if you'd rather ship them both to me I'll send him the rear seat for shipping. Let me know if it's still available.
Went for a 45 minute ride yesterday to try out the Firstgear Kiki Hi riding boots I just bought. I wear a narrow width and it has been difficult to find riding boots that fit. After reading the reviews I saw that these boots are sized a bit narrow. Fit great! The other issue is that I have high arches. It took years to figure out that a boot with the side zipper is what I needed.