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    Back wheel

    I could be wrong but I believe the 5-digit number is a description of that part and doesn't necessary mean it will fit on other models; conversely, you'd think that Honda would have tried to share as many parts and assemblies from the NCX to the CTX to reduce production costs. :-)
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    Out the door price on a 21 DCT

    Dealers ordering and actually getting any new inventory (all models) is very tight so finding a deal on a 2021 DCT may be difficult-to-impossible.
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    The 2022 Can-Am Model Lineup + Our Take on Each Model

    Because of its car-like handling characteristics, perhaps better suited to car drivers who want to try "motorcycling?" :)
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    Stalling issue

    I have a 2013 USA model/w DCT and have never had any problem with stalling, cold or hot. Make sure your battery cables connections are clean & tight. ;)
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    Is Aerostitch worth it?

    I believe that Aerostich has a 12-year limit on the age of pants, jackets, and one piece suits they will repair. A few months ago, the fly zipper on my Darian pants (8 yrs old) broke so I sent them off to Duluth for repair. From the time they received my pants, they had them back to me a few...
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    Is Aerostitch worth it?

    Rabbit - I love my Darians and they are my all-around, everyday riding pants. They are custom length and I bought them one size larger than my street pants so there's plenty of room inside which allows good airflow even on 90-degree days and during cold weather, I can wear long johns with it...
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    Senior Lady on brand new '21 experience so far

    Nice story! Personally I prefer the Givi side boxes vs a top box although the latter can be more convenient. I reason I steer away from the top box on my NC is that it requires much more of an effort to get my leg over and onto the seat. :-)
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    Increasing pressure at temperature. How high is too high?

    If you set the rear tire pressure at the correct number when cold, then discover it is way high when hot so release some pressure, it will now be below the correct number when cold! Just leave it alone. :-(
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    Is Aerostitch worth it?

    Some Aerostich products use a thinner material such as normal Darian pants vs Darian Lite. I opted for the normal Darian.
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    WTB Madstad 20” or 22” Windshield

    MolsonMuscle - I've sent you a PM with more details about the V-Stream.
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    Rear wheel bearings?

    With the wheel installed on the bike, it's often difficult to "feel" anything amiss with the wheel bearings but with the wheel off, it's fairly easy to notice any roughness in one or both bearings.
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    WTB Madstad 20” or 22” Windshield

    The effectiveness and comfort level of any windshield can be very subjective depending on a lot of conditions. I may have a VStream Tall windshield in my garage storage so I'll have to check and will get back to you.
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    the NC750S

    As regards finding stuff for the S-model, one would think things such as the aftermarket seats, side bag mounts, etc., are identical to the X-model.
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    VStream windshield on a Palmer Bracket - Yes!

    The difference in hole pattern of the V-stream vs Palmer bracket is not related to two different country of origins - just two completely separate companies. I would worry about the Palmer brackets being up to the task of holding the much larger V-stream.
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    Honda SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!

    Yes, the Honda cap wrench does a wonderful job removing stuck OEM filters. The OEM auto filters are the same size so my cap wrench does double duty and works much better than any strap wrench! When my sons were still learning on how to change oil, they would often drive away from my garage...