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Hi Willie, I've never ridden a Wing, but it seems like the ultimate big engine bike with a large fan club. I love my NC for it's maneuverable size, low maintenance and fun factor on winding roads. I find Highway riding is not so enjoyable. Curious to know what factors go into deciding which one of your bikes gets chosen on any given day :) Thanks, Rich
Hey Rich, Actually, I ride both bikes about equally, lately tho, the 700 seems to be my go too bike. I am 73 years old and the Wing is getting to be a handful whenever riding two up. I am considering a Can Am Spyder to replace the Wing. I still do a lot of touring, having ridden in all the lower 48 states with my Wing, currently the Wing has 83,000 trouble free miles on it. Have safe riding my friend.
How are you liking the Africa Twin as compared to the NC? I’m debating a DCT Africa Twin (used, 2018-2019) or a 2018+ NC750X. I test rode my first AT DCT today and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel too tall, had much better suspension and wind protection than the NC. What do you think?
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I like the AT AS ES DCT a lot. It’s heavier with the 6.5 gl tank, the seat is more comfortable, the power is excellent, and I really like the Apple CarPlay. My 5400 mile trip out to Nevada and back was awesome. In many ways the AT trip this year was better than my previous trips on my Gold Wing. As I started loading my NC up with bags etc, I realized it was going to feel so under powered to me.