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Researching parts and prices to repair my 2015 NC700X XCT ABS. Retail prices add up to about $1500. Cant locate a right side OEM panniers. Any help out there.
It might just be me, but I feel as if your post would be seen by many more of the forum members if you posted in the "marketplace" forum, "parts wanted"
Unfortunately I can't help you, but good luck and Safe riding
Hi SS, I'm interested in purchasing your stock NC700X front seat. I'll pay the $65 as you asked and you can sell the rear seat to the other guy. Or if you'd rather ship them both to me I'll send him the rear seat for shipping. Let me know if it's still available.
Went for a 45 minute ride yesterday to try out the Firstgear Kiki Hi riding boots I just bought. I wear a narrow width and it has been difficult to find riding boots that fit. After reading the reviews I saw that these boots are sized a bit narrow. Fit great! The other issue is that I have high arches. It took years to figure out that a boot with the side zipper is what I needed.