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Hi, I just bought a rsv4 shock. I wondered what adjustment you did to yours ? By chance, would you have any pics /data about preload, rebound and compression settings ?
On Christmas Day my wife and I did 118 mile ride, 2 up, on the 2016 NC700XD around Dale Hollow Lake. Stopped in to take a look at the state park in Kentucky. Interesting overlook of Trooper Island. A place where state troopers can take their sons and do some father son bonding. This was our second 100 mile ride and I believe she has had about enough of the stock seat. In spite of the seat it was a great ride.
Had a couple of static lay downs in the first year of owning the ST, but not during the last 11. Lately have been concerned laying it down at low speed. The nc has solved that problem for me.