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    Ordered Spiegler Stainless braided Brake Lines

    Do these kits work on ABS models? I have a US model 2013 NC700XD. I need to flush and replace the brake fluid and I was thinking about tackling this job at the same time. Seven year old brake lines, only 6k mi on the bike, and I figure I may keep it another decade.
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    HOT & HUMID weather jacket recommendation needed

    I picked up the Speed and Strength Midnight Express dirt cheap, about 70 bucks IIRC. I do not know how abrasion resistant it really is but it held the pads nicely and it lets a lot of air through at speed. At a dead stop it might as well be leather though.
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    Which screen for a newbie?

    I found the one on my NC700 (2013) to be rock solid BUT I did put a little muscle on the twisty adjustment bolts every time I checked the chain.
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    Finished Route 66

    Not to answer for him, but personally I'd say Illinois probably has the most "Route 66 stuff" per mile of any state in terms of museums and long standing restaurants and so on. Also, from Bloomington down to St. Louis is pretty nice for scenery and people.
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    Finished Route 66

    That's largely how we rode it. I'd say we did maybe 15-20% interstate and it was only that high due to some closures, particularly in eastern California. One thing to remember is that in much of AZ and NM the I-40 runs right on top of the 60's-70's four lane divided Route 66. They just built...
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    Finished Route 66

    It's very well marked and signed in Illinois, probably the best state for that. Missouri is also pretty good. One thing to be aware of is that there were a lot of varied alignments over the 60 years it was an active US Highway, so sometimes you may want a variant route from where the signs...
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    Which screen for a newbie?

    It's a bracket that lifts up the screen a couple inches from the mounts and then lets you also raise and lower it a few inches vertically as well as changing the angle of attack. It's not cheap, and I haven't seen it come up used a whole lot. I got it with the baffle (closes the gap between...
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    Which screen for a newbie?

    It's all personal. I like getting some wind and I ride a lot in the heat, so that pushed me away from the much loved Madstadt. I run the MRA Vario on a Palmer Bracket. It's massively adjustable but it's not that wide and you will get wind on your shoulders. For me, i like having the wind...
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    Finished Route 66

    So, just finished up Route 66. We picked up the bikes from Daily Direct in Milwaukee on the morning of June 19th and headed down to Chicago to get started. Unfortunately the fountain was down and there was no parking within a few blocks of the waterfront, but we did tag the official start...
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    Considering buying one - need advice

    With all those farkles if the bike is clean that's a very good deal in California. They just cost more here. I've seen 2013-14's in the LA and San Diego areas go 5k with about that much swag on the bike and 20k mi. I just bought my bike back in Oct. of last year and I shopped about a month to...
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    Unsure about buying the NC750X, need advice.

    I had concerns about HP when I bought this bike last fall too. Rode to Vegas from L.A. a couple weeks ago and I was cruising 75mph up 7% grades and I was still able to easily pass trucks and pull away. I'm 240lbs and I had 80 lbs of luggage and gear on the bike with big side cases and a 55...
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    Windscreen height

    Shape and angle of the windscreen are going to matter as much height. I think in the end, not to push any particular set-up, most people wind up finding a combination of mounting bracket and windscreen and/or spoiler that works for them personally.
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I do it every 500 miles, but it depends on conditions. I do it a lot more if it's wet out or I ride in dirt.
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    Trailer Hitch for Cyclops 2000

    If I were to pull a trailer, it would be more maintained dirt road than off-road. I would just want something that could stand up to some light to moderate washboard at under 20 mph. Thanks for the info, though. You obviously really did your research on this ;)
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Weds I fitted a new brake light and a brake-light licenses plate frame, wired up an Admore LED set into my new (to me) Givi e55, and installed a new windscreen set up. MRA Vario + the Palmer bracket is just... living the dream. Yesterday I rode from L.A. area to Las Vegas to take my bike to...