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    Is NC700X a Dual Sport bike. Yes, it is. And, no, is not.

    Possibly, but traction control does zero for braking on gravel. When the ABS kicks in, the brakes release whether you have traction control or not. Not a fun experience. Honestly, traction control on a quarter-ton + motorcycle w/50 hp is kinda.....unusual ;-)
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    Is NC700X a Dual Sport bike. Yes, it is. And, no, is not.

    Right up to the time you hit a deceasing radius, off-camber turn with a drop off a bit "warm" (not even hot!), and try to bleed some speed with the brakes. At which point the ABS kicks in and you well, have no brakes. Don't ask me how I know this ;-) That is why most dual sports w/ABS have...
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    A bit confused about the empty gas tank

    Almost 77 fluid ounces.... hard to believe that you actually ran out of gas or that the pump is that far off. Maybe an intermittent fuel pump issue?
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    A bit confused about car (bike) loan...

    Hopefully ;-)
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    A bit confused about car (bike) loan...

    You would think, right? But that isn't how many lenders see it. The three common factors usually considered when offering a rate on a vehicle loan are: # 1 Your FICO score #2 The Term of the Loan (Longer term = higher rates) #3 The age of the vehicle or mileage on the vehicle (Older...
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    A bit confused about car (bike) loan...

    Principal is the same but there are two other factors needed to calculate any differences. You need to know the term (loan length) and interest rate of each. Given that the principal is the same and presuming the term and interest rate are the same, there would be absolutely no differences in...
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    Crash Bars NC700X

    I have some experience in both those situations ;-) The Arizona Police report said the bike slid 568 ft down I-40 after impact. I depart the bike way before that. Driver behind me (it was about 10pm) said it looked like a 4th of July sparkler display as the bike slid on it's left side. Sadly...
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    NC700X Photos

    Configured for around town and commuting to work: Configured for long distance travel:
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    Looking For NC700X Rear Trunk

    What weighs more: A 20 lb anvil or 20 lbs of tools, clothes and boots ;-)
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    Question Givi Top Case Rack Fitment Problem-Solved

    Want to add that your mount looks slightly different than mine. Might be an older design (but it is the same part number). In your 2nd picture of the side mount, there looks like some sort of sleeve or ??? that one of the screws goes through. Mine doesn't have that, the entire mount is just...
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    Question Givi Top Case Rack Fitment Problem-Solved

    Mine mounted up with no issues. 1 1 1 1 FZ Bag supports and GIVI- M7. I also installed the PL-1 1 1 1. Double check the orientation of those 4 tabs that screw to the same holes your grab rail uses #2 and #3 on the parts list. Might have them in the wrong spot Remember that being a bit of a...
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    Looking For NC700X Rear Trunk

    The top case also sits behind you so the impact on fuel efficiency isn't too bad. You can get more "stuff" in side bags but if that isn't important then a top case is fine. I have 74 liters of storage in my panniers and 42 liters in the top case. I like the weight down low so usually leave...
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    How much I should pay for a 2020 NC700X DCT in Massachusetts?

    There are no 2020 NC700x motorcycles. Is it a 2020 NC750x or a leftover NC700x ? New or used? Price sounds reasonable. Buy it.
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    Extended Warranty or No Extended Warranty, that is the question.

    Totally understand your concerns. Mine were similar back in 2014 when I purchased my DCT and I opted for the extended factory warranty. My reasons were A: it was a new transmission design and B: I planned on putting on a LOT miles and the extended warranty had no mileage limitations. My last...
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    Riding all of Route 66 this summer. What tools would you bring?

    My bike was new and also didn't come with stock Honda tools. Probably because there are none ;-) You won't need to bring any tools. Seriously. Maybe a flat kit with a couple of cartridges. It is only 2,400 miles long if you run the entire route and you will be walking distance to a Walmart...