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    '21 DCT - poor gas mileage

    Yeah nah... hills + city traffic shouldn't return mpg that bad. I can vary the mpg a LOT on my manual 700s depending on the riding style: Steady 50mph: 80 mpg Gentle commuting: 73 mpg Aggressive canyon riding: 58 mpg 75 mph touring with panniers: 52 mpg Track day riding: 35 mpg Definitely keep...
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    using CTX cables to install risers

    Job complete! Before: After: Important info for others doing this task: It's much easier and cheaper to simply extend your existing wiring than it is to fart around with the CTX switch blocks. Despite some of the wire colours being the same, the hazard light switch is wired completely...
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    using CTX cables to install risers

    Sorry for the delay, only just doing the install now. Be careful though, because you have an X and I have an S, the measurements will be different. The S has lower bars than the X, so you will need to make your own measurements. It's been a long, but not difficult, job. All the plastics need to...
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    How to reset the PGM-FI / MIL light from a safety fault?

    Actually yes, it did arrive, but two different known-good scan tools failed to detect the bike at all. But other members here seem to have it working, so who knows?
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    Slippery Pilot Road 4

    I've run lots of road 4s and 5s on various bikes. On the NC I've gone through 3x road 5 fronts, the fronts 'bake out' around 14k before hitting the tread wear markers at 17k. It's not something I noticed to be tied to gravel in particular, but there is definitely less surplus grip and a more...
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    NC700XA ECU file (flash)

    I think the 670cc engine is probably choking on the airbox and exhaust, if not the camshaft, so raising the rev limit on a stock bike won't make any more power. If the airflow was opened up, and there was fuel to support it, maybe there would be a benefit to spinning the motor a bit harder. If...
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    need help pulling the throttle body

    There's a free service manual on manualslib (google it) that I've been using, it works well. Side access is pretty good unless you have crash bars, you can probably change throttle cables or sensors, but if you're properly removing the TB, everything will need to come off. When you're taking...
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    rear tire on front?

    Different tread and compound in the front - as others said, the fronts usually need to be softer. The cords/belts/sidewalls are designed to take different acceleration and braking forces front to rear. I think you'd notice it when you brake in a corner. The narrower front tire makes for a long...
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    Question question about linked brakes

    Yes, it could be a euphemismistic way of saying 'single channel ABS'
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    Question question about linked brakes

    The different market specs strike again. Australia moved to the nc750s in 2014 but retained the linked brakes from the 700s... We got the nc750x with non linked, ABS brakes in 2016. My understanding is the two piston caliper NCs have no linked system. Three piston front caliper + "C-ABS"...
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    Other high mpg bikes?

    Owner reports, reviews, test rides, etc all report between 80-100 US mpg. Fuel range is somewhere around 400 The cb350 is similar to the NC in that it's ruthlessly practical.
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    Question question about linked brakes

    Yes, it's a 'dumb' hydraulic circuit - a third hydraulic system on top of the front and rear systems. It also has a delay valve built in. When you press the rear brake lever, initially only the rear brake applies, an an instant later, the delay valve opens and hydraulic pressure is sent to the...
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    Other high mpg bikes?

    The new Honda cb350 hness gets 90+ mpg.
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    Do you get an ABS fault by running a 150/70/r17 rear tire?

    It's 3% taller than stock - the ABS has to tolerate a certain amount of speed differences between front and rear tires due to tire wear anyway. The worse case scenario would be a front tire worn down to the cords, and a brand new 150/70 on the back - you might have a wheel speed differential of...
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    How to reset the PGM-FI / MIL light from a safety fault?

    Nice work Supertux. I just ordered the OBD2 adaptor to keep in the toolkit. Chasing these issues is inevitable on an aging, electronics-ridden machine. This is how I do my chain - fast, lazy, but still pretty safe. I like my hands. Put it on the centerstand lube the chain with the engine off...