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  1. W

    Review of Madstad Windshield on 2022 Honda NC 750X DCT – I LOVE This Windshield

    The factory windshield on the 2022 NC 750X looks stylish, but it’s real small. I suspected it wouldn’t provide much wind protection, and riding the bike confirmed it. The factory windshield provided some relief on my torso, but none on my helmet. The air hitting my helmet was clean, but there...
  2. JPD750

    Madstad Windscreen 22 inch

    FOR SALE: 22 inch Madstad windscreen brand new- unused. Dark gray tint. For 2016-2020 NC models. I have a 2021 and ASSumed it would fit. Wife won’t let me purchase anything until I move this along. $250 pickup $300 shipped in the lower 48. I’m located in western burbs of Chicago. Photo...
  3. SharpEye

    24" MadStad Windshield & Shad 3P system FOR SALE (fits for 2012-2015 700X models)

    Hey all, I am selling 2 items: 24” MadStad windshield (fits 2012-2015 models) $160 Shad 3P rack system (fits 2012-2015 models) $145 Shipping is on you and USA only... Let me know, if interested!
  4. M

    Madstad windshield for sale

    I replaced my Madstad windshield for a taller one. This one for sale is 18 inches. No hardware included, only the windshield. It's ideally for someone who already has a Madstad windshield looking for this specific height. It comes from a 2016 NC700X. I'm looking to get $75 shipping included...
  5. Rapturee

    I found one, please disregard this post

    Located one, thanks! hello fellow NC riders. I am looking for a small front windscreen, either the factory bikini screen or the small Honda touring screen will work for my 2012-2015 NC700XD. I have a wonderful Parabellum screen but it keeps so much weather off of me that it is way too...
  6. Windshield Extender

    Windshield Extender

    Wunderlich windshield extender for Honda touring screen. Works well!
  7. National Cycle Vstream Touring Tall Clear Windshield

    National Cycle Vstream Touring Tall Clear Windshield

    National Cycle Vstream Touring Tall Clear Windshield
  8. Givi windshield

    Givi windshield

    Here is my Givi windshield
  9. 2nd_download_007


    I noticed that the new windshield I put on lights up at night around the edges since the headlight shines through it. It seems to make me a bit more visible and therefore safer.
  10. Cee Bailey

    Cee Bailey

    Cee Bailey's Windshield
  11. Cee Bailey

    Cee Bailey

    Cee Bailey's Windshield
  12. Cee Bailey

    Cee Bailey

    Cee Bailey's Windshield
  13. Windshield parts

    Windshield parts

    Complete windshield project with National Cycle Deflector Shield.
  14. Windshield parts

    Windshield parts

    Curved deflector mounted.
  15. Windshield parts

    Windshield parts

    Mounting Bars on bike.
  16. Windshield parts

    Windshield parts

    Nut plates, mounting bars, mounting rods, rubber pads, flat and curved deflector.
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