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Arc Releases Photo of Their Frameless Vector Motorcycle


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Nov 11, 2011
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Here’s What A Naked Frameless Bike Looks Like​

UK motorcycle brand Arc Motorcycles has had big dreams and small purse strings. Despite their financially tumultuous history bringing forth “the world’s most advanced fully electric motorcycle of its kind” (they coined the term in an article from NewAtlas, not us), Arc has, over the past few years, been “crowdfunded, invested in, put into administration and bought back by its founder.”

That’s a lot of hot-potato to play with a motorcycle that looks this sexy – and get this, the brand recently revealed photos of the bike without bodywork.

A view of the Vector motorcycle, an electric bike from Arc motorcycles, a UK-based brand

It’s a stunning view, since there really wasn’t much to take off, given the monocoque frame is nearly entirely filled by the bike’s big battery with the motor attached at the rear and the swingarm connected directly to the casing.

The front swingarm even bolts to the front of the battery box, so the only bit of fairing to remove are the cute set at the top and the belly pan – literally, that’s it.

A view of the Vector motorcycle, an electric bike from Arc motorcycles, a UK-based brand

“The architecture featured in the images is now production-ready, and a number of production-spec Vector motorcycles will be out in Spain for final sign off and homologation over the coming months,” says Arc Founder and CEO Mark Truman in a press release.

“We have a very healthy order book and customers are already going through our new commissioning suite in Central England to individually tailor each Vector motorcycle so that they are all unique.”

We look forward to the end product, though heaven only knows what the pricetag will be. We’re told by the report that, “underpinning Arc’s claim to world’s most advanced [electric bike] is a projection-based HUD smart helmet, developed in conjunction with Hedon, complete with a rear view camera and voice controls – as well as an armored undershirt type thing with built-in haptic feedback that can be set to alert riders to danger, give “feedback on the bike’s dynamic position,” or bop along playing music through the haptics in something called “Euphoric mode.”

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