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very interesting to know. I felt it about that rpm as that is what it likes when i pull long mountain passes, fully loaded with all of my camping/touring gear. You can tell/feel quickly where an engine likes to run-torq range is- when pulling hills like that. Where does it like to sit in the rpm range and "pulling" falls off. I really enjoy our beloved NC's, they are such an incredible bike. All of that and great mileage too! :{P


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For the longest time no one published a dyno test on the USA market DCT 700s. If a review was of a DCT bike they would reference a dyno run of a manual, the reason being a DCT bike can’t be run on a dynometer because if the front wheel isn’t turning the DCT won’t shift out of first gear. So I was surprised to see an NC700X demonstrator bolted down to the floor at Daytona three years ago. You sat on the bike and could run it up and down the gears to experience the functionality of the transmission. The rear wheel turned a heavy steel drum just like a dynometer would use and the front wheel was clamped down in a chock. I rode this demonstrator and knew there had to be a way to dynometer test my DCT. I went to my local dealer and asked the service manager to find out how the DCT’s control module was reprogrammed to allow it out of first gear and through all the gears without rotation of the front wheel with the aim of running a dynometer test of my bike. This particular dealer had dyno’d several of my bikes. At the time it still was not clear if USA market 700s had the restrictionef 47.5 hp or unrestricted 51 hp engine with the DCT option. Early European and UK reviews had released misinformation on this. In due time he called me to bring the in for the test. Defeating “limp mode” was found in connecting the bike to a Honda diagnostic computer and entering a test mode that allows the bike to shift without front wheel speed. We did thus and thus did what is perhaps the only dynometer run of an NC700XD. My bike turned 46+ hp at the rear wheel thus proved there was no engine output difference in USA manual and DCT bikes.

I put the dynometer chart up on the forum at the time.

Dynometer test configuration - DCT